Vancouver Direct Primary Care’s Groundbreaking Wellness Initiative in Esther Short Park

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, Vancouver Direct Primary Care is set to launch its Wellness in the Park initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle for all Vancouver residents. Beginning this summer, 2023, a series of family-friendly wellness events will be held in the beautiful Esther Short Park, right next to the bustling Farmers Market. The community will be able to enjoy a variety of fitness-related activities, hear from professionals about how to improve their health, and network with area businesses at these open events.


Fitness, health, and the Wellness Fair are the backbone of Vancouver Direct Primary Care’s Wellness in the Park program. In this piece, we’ll examine these aspects in further detail so you’ll know what to anticipate during these thrilling events.

Physical Activity for All Ages and Abilities (Fitness)

Wellness in the Park centers around accessible fitness classes open to participants of all ages and skill levels. Esther Short Park is home to a wide range of events thanks to the collaboration between Vancouver Direct Primary Care and local gyms and health-focused businesses.


Participants can pick the sessions that best suit their interests and fitness levels, from gentler options like yoga and Pilates to more challenging ones like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and dance-based workouts. Our various exercise classes offer numerous opportunities to get up and move throughout the day.

In-Person Counseling and Services from Wellness Experts (Health)

Chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, and homeopathic specialists will all set up shop at Wellness in the Park events. Attendees will be able to speak with these professionals one-on-one and get in-depth information about the services they provide to make educated decisions regarding their health and wellness.

Health, Community, and Local Enterprises Unite to Host a Festive (Wellness Fair)

Businesses may treat workers and their families to a day of entertainment, recreation, and team building at the Wellness Fair. This one-of-a-kind component of Wellness in the Park events is meant to strengthen ties between local companies and their staff.


Employers who join in can demonstrate their concern for their workers’ well-being by hosting events like health fairs, seminars, and team-building exercises. The Wellness Fair is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their staff in a relaxed, family-friendly setting while encouraging them to live better lifestyles.

Get Ready To Get Healthy and Fit This Summer

Esther Short Park will transform into a hub of health, fitness, and wellness this summer. Families can spend their weekends participating in invigorating fitness classes, learning about complementary health services, and connecting with local businesses in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Vancouver Direct Primary Care‘s comprehensive approach to wellness ensures that all aspects of well-being are addressed, paving the way for a healthier, happier Vancouver community.


Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to improve your health, meet like-minded individuals, and support local businesses. Mark your calendars for the upcoming Wellness in the Park events and prepare to embark on a journey towards a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. Together, we can create a culture of wellness that benefits not only ourselves but also our community and future generations.


Vancouver Direct Primary Care‘s Wellness in the Park initiative promises to be a highlight of the summer, and we can’t wait to see you there. Here’s to a season of health, happiness, and community engagement!

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