How Much is Direct Primary Care

Instead of dealing with insurance companies and copays, patients pay a monthly fee to access a range of primary care services in the Direct Primary Care model.

DPC clinics can offer more personalized, thorough, and compassionate care by eliminating the middleman and focusing on direct patient-provider relationships. This approach allows providers to spend more time with patients, ensuring their needs are heard and addressed adequately.

Vancouver Direct Primary Care Services

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is a membership-based clinic that values patient-provider relationships and comprehensive care. Limiting the number of patients per provider ensures that each patient receives thoughtful and thorough care in a welcoming and accepting environment. Their membership covers a wide range of primary care needs, making it a cost-effective option for individuals and families in the Vancouver area.

Primary Care

Your monthly membership with Vancouver Direct Primary Care includes all primary care needs. This encompasses checkups, medication prescriptions and refills, lab orders, specialist referrals, ordering imaging studies, and more. By offering a comprehensive range of services, Vancouver Direct Primary Care ensures that patients can access the care they need at an affordable price.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Vancouver Direct Primary Care also includes a Testosterone Replacement Therapy evaluation and treatment program as part of its membership. This service ensures that patients can access specialized care and support for testosterone-related health issues, including, if needed, specialty referrals.

Cost of Membership

A Vancouver Direct Primary Care membership costs with the option to cancel anytime with just a text. This pricing model provides transparency and flexibility, allowing patients to access quality healthcare without being locked into long-term contracts.

In addition to the base membership, Vancouver Direct Primary Care offers a 10% discount for partners and families, making it even more affordable for households with multiple members.

Direct and Secure Provider Access

One of the key benefits of Vancouver Direct Primary Care’s membership is direct and secure access to providers via phone, email, video, or in-person consultations. This level of access allows patients to receive timely care and guidance from their healthcare provider without navigating through layers of administrative bureaucracy or waiting for appointments.

Care Centered on Your Goals

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is committed to providing care that puts the patient’s goals at the center of their treatment plan. Providers can create personalized programs addressing each patient’s unique needs and preferences by focusing on the most important to the individual.

Bottom Line

In summary, Direct Primary Care is a cost-effective and patient-centered alternative to traditional healthcare models. By prioritizing patient-provider relationships and limiting the number of patients per provider, Vancouver Direct Primary Care ensures that each patient receives thorough, thoughtful, and compassionate care.

For individuals and families in the Vancouver area, this membership-based clinic offers an exceptional healthcare option at an affordable price.

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is here to provide the chronic care people need to recover. From Chronic Disease Management to Direct Provider Access, you will get everything in between for only $89/Month.

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