Attention-Deficit Disorder

Easy ADHD Treatment

Do you have a hard time focusing because of ADHD? 

Have you found that this routinely affects your work, school, and personal life? 

At Vancouver Direct Primary Care, our ADHD program is designed to suit you. We believe getting the care you need for ADHD shouldn’t be a headache. We’ve designed our program for straightforward diagnosis, convenient follow-up visits, and medication refills. In fact, it can mostly be done remotely.

When struggling with ADHD, Vancouver Direct Primary Care is your home to be heard, feel accepted, and experience compassionate care. 

Without any of the hassle.

Criteria for ADHD (just takes 5):

Compassionate care to help you:

  • Succeed academically
  • Perform at work to your highest level
  • Improve friendships and social relations
  • Strengthen your family life
  • Protect and develop a healthy self-image and sense of confidence
  • Improve your focus
  • Help with multitasking
  • Improve your memory


Included Services

High Quality Primary Care.

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is a membership-based clinic. Just like you have a monthly payment with a gym membership, we operate in the same way.

This is how we can limit the number of patients per provider. This ensures you get thorough and thoughtful care under our values of being heard, feeling accepted, and receiving compassionate care.

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