Medical Care for your Employees


An Affordable Healthcare Solution

For most businesses, the cost of health insurance is so exorbitant that it’s not even an option. Vancouver Direct Primary Care Clinic offers a non-insurance alternative that is a fraction of the cost – at $89/month per employee! Plus, there are no hidden fees, co-pays, out-of-pocket maximums, and, most importantly, no greedy insurance middleman!


Businesses across the country are having a hard time finding and keeping the right employees. A membership to Vancouver Direct Primary Care is a drastically more affordable option. Although this is NOT insurance, the AAFP has found that this model of care can provide 80% of your employees’ medical needs. With no extra costs!


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Care Designed to Meet Your Needs.

Have you experienced your doctor rushing out of the room from you, feeling judged, only being allowed one issue per visit, non-stop hidden fees and co-pays, and an office that treats you like a number?

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is your home to be heard, feel accepted, and receive compassionate care! Here, It’s not just a slogan. It is literally how we are designed. That’s why these are our core values!

Traditional Care

Direct Primary Care

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