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Care without the Middleman.

Ed Kauffman established Vancouver Direct Primary Care in 2021 because he believes the patient should always come first. After 10+ years in the medical field, he was tired of seeing care that didn’t value the individual patient. In this model and with the help of modern technology, we know our method gives the best care on your terms

Vancouver Direct Primary Care serves individuals and families, offering affordable and immediate attention to your medical needs. Here, you will receive thorough and thoughtful care under our values of being heard, feeling accepted, and receiving compassionate care.


We built a system that cares for your medical needs without the big corporate feel.

Be Heard.

It’s not just a slogan. This clinic is designed so that you know your medical needs are important to us and that we’re here for you.

Feel Accepted.

This is non-judgmental care. We want you to receive the proper healthcare to meet you where you’re at and make you better.

Experience Care.

We want you to enjoy life, experiencing compassionate care throughout your medical needs. Here, care is kind and thoughtful.

Meet Ed Kauffman

Ed is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in chronic disease management and complex acute medical emergencies.

Having spent ten years caring for the sickest patients in multiple states, he moved to Vancouver to start a clinic that will make a meaningful change in his community.

With an emphasis on the individual, Ed provides thorough and thoughtful care under his values of making sure you are heard, don’t feel judged, and experience compassionate care.

In his spare time, he likes to sing and play guitar at open mics, hikes beautiful mountains, and explore cooking vegetarian dishes.

Ed Kauffman, Primary Care

High Quality Primary Care.

Don’t settle for 10-minute doctor visits. Our standard, 1-hour appointments ensure you receive the compassionate care you deserve. 

Learn more about our services here.

*Employers must schedule a consultation to enroll for care.

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