Care for Your Individual Needs

Care Designed to Meet Your Needs

Have you experienced your doctor rushing out of the room from you, feeling judged, only being allowed one issue per visit, non-stop hidden fees and co-pays, and an office that treats you like a number?

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is your home to be heard, feel accepted, and experience compassionate care! Here, It’s not just a slogan. It is literally how we are designed. That’s why these are our core values!

Traditional Care

Direct Primary Care


Enroll Today. Be Seen Tomorrow.

Vancouver Direct Primary Care is a membership based clinic. Just like you have a monthly payment with a gym membership, we operate in the same way.

This is how we are able to limit the amount of patients per provider. This ensures that you get thorough and thoughtful care under our values of being heard, feeling accepted, and receiving compassionate care.

Enroll Today. Be Seen Tomorrow.

Don’t settle for 10-minute doctor visits. Our standard, 1-hour appointments ensure you receive the compassionate care you deserve. 

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*Employers must schedule a consultation to enroll for care.